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Look, I get it: it's super easy to slide "write sales page" or "refresh website copy" or "create welcome sequence" to the bottom of your to-do list.

Thankfully, you can get the conversion copy or design you need lickety-split from a profesh research, design, copy, & strategy nerd. 😉

The JLC Day Rate is how you get that project off your to-do list and into the world.

The JLC Day Rate

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conversion copy + design on a tight timeline

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Need a copy confidence boost? Book a copy polish to get my best suggestions, strategies, & optimization ideas applied to your nearly-there sales page copy or email sequence.

You'll get...

• a detailed video with strategic suggestions for optimizing your copy
• rewrites of 1-3 key sections to make your copy really shine
• side-by-side comparison of your copy vs. my suggested rewrites

..all delivered to your inbox in five short business days. We'll also have an (optional)  follow-up call after you've implemented your new copy to make sure it's hitting the mark.

Copy Polish

book your copy polish

make your diy copy shine

"Jaimie really made me a partner in the whole process and I felt very empowered at the end of our time together."

"I loved the Loom video explaining how it was structured, and I was excited to try something different. It seems to have resonated well with my people! $22k+ launch and 60 new students! 🎉"

"Jaimie listened to me ramble on and on and worked her magic with words and ta-da, months of struggle with my message was resolved."

"You're in great hands with Jaimie! She walks you through every step of the process like a total pro, and she really takes the time to understand what you and your business are all about."

"Jaimie is a joy to work with. She is extremely professional, clear in her communication, and is more timely than anyone I have ever worked with."

"Jaimie is delightful to work with and I am speechless at the high-touch service that she delivered."

"I can't wait to work with her again—I've finally found the copywriter who gets my voice and understands how my ideal clients think."

"You nailed my messaging in a way I've not been able to do before."

"If you're looking for someone to handle all aspects of a launch so it clears your plate to focus on your customers during launch rather than the details, Jaimie is your person!"

"Jaimie is a blessing. My launch went seamlessly and I can honestly say it was because of Jaimie, her attention to detail, and her amazing copywriting skills."

"Not only is Jaimie an absolute ray of sunshine, but she is also extremely professional. I never wondered what was next, she met every deadline, and exceeded my expectations in every category."

The JLC Day Rate and the Copy Polish are meant to get you a copy or design win lickety-split. If you need a strategic partner for your full launch, website copy and design, quiz funnel, or you've got another awesome idea in your noggin—smush that button below.

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