Empathy-infused, research-backed copy that captures your brilliance.

Done for you copywriting services

You can have the best courses, digital products, or services around.

But if your words don't connect with your best-fit customers and convince them to (virtually) tap their credit cards...

....you're missing out on the $$$ & impact you're meant to make.

It doesn't matter how amazing you are if you can't put it into words.

Real Talk:

I'm the copywriter you need to help you get inside your customers' brains, capture your brilliance, & articulate it all with clear, compelling, money-making copy.

If you want copy that sounds like your audience's inner voice & wins you work...

JLC Services

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Cosmic Copy Week

Lightning launch

Lightning Leads

Copy Boost

Cosmic Copy Week

Every CCW includes...

Get bold, authentic, research-backed copy for your next launch with the Cosmic Copy Week. Best for validated offers in need of a fresh sales-inspiring sales page or email sequence.

One-week timeline, $3k investment

  • Detailed questionnaire about your offer, brand, & launch plan
  • Full course or offer audit
  • Initial kick-off call or Voxer chat
  • Voice of customer interviews
  • Long-form sales page or promotional email sales sequence
  • Copy Star Chart for easy implementation
  • Post-delivery Voxer support
  • Post-launch review & copy revision call
  • Custom-built client portal in Notion for communication & copy delivery

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Lightning Launch

Your lightning launch includes...

Launch your latest brilliant idea with the sales copy you need delivered in just one lightning-fast day.

VIP Day, $1.5k investment

  • A medium-length sales page that clearly communicates the details of your new offer
  • Three sales-inspiring emails to get your lightning launch going (that you can 100% repurpose into social posts, btw!)
  • A week's worth of Voxer support while you're launching, perfect for on-the-go edits
  • An optional post-launch revision call to fine-tune your offer, copy, & strategy for next time

launch like lightning

Lightning launch

Lightning Leads

lightning leads includes...

Get all the copy bits needed to set up a simple sales funnel in one lightning-fast day.

VIP Day, $1.5k investment

  • Lead magnet strategy and copy
  • Opt-in page copy to clearly communicate the value of your freebie
  • Nurture to sales sequence to introduce your new leads to you, your work, & their next step
  • A week's worth of Voxer support while you get your sales funnel up and running
  • Optional revision call to fine-tune your copy based on feedback & sales

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Copy Boost

Your copy boost includes...

My best suggestions, strategies, & optimization ideas applied to your nearly-there sales page, website, or email sequence.

one week turnaround, $500 investment

  • Detailed video with strategic suggestions for optimizing your copy
  • Rewrites of 1-3 key sections to make your copy really shine
  • Side-by-side comparison of your copy vs. my suggested rewrites
  • Optional follow-up call to answer any lingering questions you may have

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Curious if you & I are written in the stars?

  • You're an online or IRL entrepreneur
  • You're neurodiverse, queer, or both!
  • You've got more than one "thing"—aka, you're passionate about & have services or products that relate to more than just one topic or niche
  • You understand the power of positioning & are excited to collaborate with me on finding the perfect selling angles for your offers
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Period. 
  • All love deserves to be protected & celebrated.
  • There are more than two genders. They're all valid & beautiful.
  • No one is illegal on stolen land.
  • Climate change is real.
  • Vaccines save lives.
  • Changing your opinion when presented with new information is a powerful acknowledgement of your humanity.

We'll make a great team if...

...and these values ring true for you.

I ask that anyone who wants to work with me, buy my offers, or otherwise engage with my business agrees with the above as a matter of safety for myself & my community. 

Not your vibe? Feel free to exit now.

You deserve copy that makes you and your audience feel deeply seen.

Here's how we'll make it happen.

Once your copy is drafted, edited, refined, & finalized, you'll be ready to launch. But you won't have to go it alone.

As your copy co-pilot, I'll stick around to support you with design advice, messaging tweaks, & post-launch revisions.

Copy that shows your audience that you really get them is rooted in research.

Whether we're checking out the competition, pouring over feedback surveys, or interviewing past students, understanding why your audience thinks & feels the way they do is our first step.

When writing your copy, we'll weave in everything that makes you, well, you.

Your voice, values, & story are what draws in best-fit clients & students (bonus: they also gently redirect unaligned leads away from your work).

Launch your
brilliant offer

dive into the data

layer in your
voice, values, & story

Chelsea Heatherington, Post-grad coach

"Jaimie is incredible to work with! The combination of synchronous and asynchronous feedback gave me exactly what I needed to take my sales page to the next level.

My new sales page is a MUCH better encapsulation of the course and my brand. I feel so much more confident and proud to share it with my audience! I can't recommend working with Jaimie enough!"

I feel so much more confident & proud to share with my audience.

What can the right words do for your business? 

From the portfolio

read the case study

One of my favorite projects of 2023 was for Elizabeth Goddard's summit, Low Ticket Live™.

We saw a 54% conversion rate on the registration page & $100K+ in all access pass sales, all supported by the copy I crafted.

Molly Goodman, Body Acceptance Coach

"Working with Jaimie gave me the confidence to sell my online course in a way that truly aligned with my values. I felt so clear on how to articulate the value of the course and my work in general after working with Jaimie.

Her flexibility to add in a la carte services helped me fill in the gaps in my business in such a perfect way. I'm so grateful for her and her work!"

Working with Jaimie has taken so much off my plate.

Favorite Resources

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Not quite ready to hire a copywriter?

That's a-okay! In fact, learning to write for yourself is a skill that *every* entrepreneur should have. My templates, courses, & resources can show you how.