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Book your Copy Boost to get my best suggestions, strategies, & optimization ideas applied to your nearly-there sales page copy or email sequence.

You'll get...

• a detailed video with strategic suggestions for optimizing your copy
• rewrites of 1-3 key sections to make your copy really shine
• side-by-side comparison of your copy vs. my suggested rewrites

...all delivered to your inbox in five short business days.

We'll also have a 30-minute follow-up call after you've implemented your new copy to make sure it's hitting the mark.

"Jaimie will take your words and elevate them with a punch of personality. She leans towards clear not clever while still making your copy colorful."

Sheila Streetman
Graphic Designer

Sheila Streetman - Graphic designer

"Thank you thank you thank you for making this so unbelievably, magically easy!!!"

Claire Paniccia
COntent Strategist

Claire Pannicia - Content Strategist

Meet Your Copy Booster

aka your resident research nerd, 
strategist, & launch co-pilot

I'm a CopyHackers-trained conversion copywriter who has helped dozens of online entrepreneurs communicate all they have to offer. 

More importantly, though, I’m allergic to wasted time. And if you're interested in a Copy Boost, I'd bet my lucky pencil that you're the same way.

So if you’re ready to optimize your copy for conversion, hi. Let’s boost your copy, your message, & your sales into orbit.

book your copy boost

Common Queries

what does "nearly-there" copy mean?

For the Copy Boost, it's best if you have a solid draft of your sales page or email sequence—as in you could hit publish now, but you're waffling over whether the copy is really ready or not. 

The Copy Boost isn't great if you just have an outline or a few ideas jotted down.

Is this like a copy audit?

Yes, but it's even better! Most copy audits are just a video explaining what to fix. The Copy Boost includes that, of course, but also includes re-writes of the key sections of your copy AND implementation support.

Everything is delivered in an easy-to-read, side-by-side format so you can see my exact revisions versus your original work. Best of all, we'll meet for 30 minutes once you've implemented to do a last fine-tuning of your copy.

how long does this take?

A Copy Boost takes five business days. After you've paid for your Copy Boost, you'll be taken to a form where you can give me some info about your business and link me to a shared version of your copy straight away. Five business days later, and you'll have your boosted copy in your inbox.

what kind of copy can you boost?

The Copy Boost is best for email sequences and sales pages as those are my speciality! I'm also happy to review your website's home and about page copy during a Copy Boost. 

How much does a copy boost cost?

The Copy Boost costs $500.

could we chat first before I book? I want to make sure we're a good fit.

For sure—you can either book a connection call or send me a message on Voxer (@jaimieleecreative).

i have another query that you haven't answered here.

No problem! Please reach out via email ( or send me a message on Voxer (@jaimieleecreative). 

Let's boost your copy into orbit.

Get your copy ready for launch and know that it's primed for conversion with The Copy Boost.

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