Transform your latest idea into a sales-ready offer, lightning-fast.

Lightning-fast copy, please

Copy for when inspiration strikes like lightning.

You're driving along, singing in the shower, or juuuuust about to fall asleep...

...when your next great idea strikes. 

After jotting it down (or, let's be real, asking Siri to add it to your notes app), the neurons in your brain are doing an electric slide of ways this idea is going to be the best thing ever.™

But when you sit down to actually get the dang thing out into the world? 

You might as well be asking lightning to strike twice as you and the blinking cursor of a fresh Google Doc face off. 

Lightning doesn't have to strike twice for you to get launch-ready copy for your next brilliant offer.

When an idea for your next digital product, course, service, or group program electrifies your brain, don't let it fizzle out.

Get the copy you need to launch your new offer in just one day with...

Lightning Launch Copy!

The sales copy you need delivered lightning-fast, so you can get your next brilliant offer out into the world.

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$1500, with payment plans happily offered

With Lightning Launch Copy, you'll get...

An optional post-launch revision call to fine tune your offer, copy, & strategy for next time

A week's worth of Voxer support while you're launching, perfect for on-the-go edits

Three sales-inspiring emails to get your lightning launch going (that you can 100% repurpose into social posts, btw!)

A medium-length sales page that clearly communicates the details of your new offer

Oooh, and don't forget the best part:
Your copy will be delivered in just one lightning-fast day.

By the way,
have we met? 

Hi, I’m Jaimie! 👋

I’m a conversion copywriter for driven, thoughtful, talented, & multi-passionate entrepreneurs like you.

Other titles that describe me include research nerd, design tinkerer, offer optimizer, dog mom, & book devourer.

Key point, here: I’m allergic to wasted time. I’d rather be doing all that good stuff up above! And if you're considering Lightning Launch Copy, I'd bet my lucky Sharpie rollerball that you're the same way.

So if you’re ready to cross "write sales page for [insert amazing idea here]" off your list—or give it a satisfying checkmark, if that’s your style—hi! Let’s not waste that lightning strike of inspiration.

Get your next brilliant offer launched in all its new, imperfect, light-up-the-internet goodness with Lightning Launch Copy.

Is this the best photo of me ever taken? Nope! You've probably seen my fancy-schmancy brand photos where I still have long hair, but here's what I look like right now in 2024. 🤗

How Lightning Launch Copy works:


Inspiration strikes! You've got a brand-new, not-yet-sold offer that you'd like to launch.

You book your date on the calendar, pay, & fill out a short prep work form. 


On your chosen date, I'll craft your medium-length sales page & 3 sales emails. You'll have them in your inbox lightning-fast!


Pop your copy onto your sales page, launch, & hit me up on Voxer during the week's worth of included support. 


After your launch is done & dusted, you can book an optional revisions call to fine-tune your copy for next time. 


Common Queries

Not much, tbh! As long as you book your spot and fill out your prep work form, I'll have the deets I need to write copy for your latest offer idea lightning fast.

Absolutely! Head over to my portfolio to get a feel for my style.

Lightning Launch Copy is for *brand new* offers that you haven't yet sold. It's designed to help you 👏 get 👏 your 👏 offer 👏 launched without fussing around.

Your sales page will be scroll-worthy and your emails will be on the shorter, snappier side. It's the perfect happy medium between "just mention this new offer a few times on IG" and "plan a complex, draining, time-consuming launch for an offer that you haven't even sold yet."

The Cosmic Copy Week is meant for offers that are already validated with sales. These offers have often made at least 10K+ and have plenty of happy customers to interview. The copy I write for these offers is substantially longer because there is built-in research and past iterations of the offer to draw on.

Absolutely! I have a built-in payment plan where you can pay $500 a month until your Lightning Launch is paid off. I don’t charge extra fees for needing a payment plan (yay!).

If you’d rather pay for your Lightning Launch all at once, that’s a-okay, too.

What if I need some edits done before launching?

While I won't be able to do full-blown revisions, I am happy to brainstorm any changes you might need during your one week of Voxer support.

I have another query that you haven't answered here.

No problem! Drop it in the chat box at the bottom of this page or send me a message on Voxer (@jaimieleecreative). I'll get back to you within two business days. 

Will you need anything from me day of?

Nope! That's the beauty of Lightning Launch Copy—once it's booked, you're able to relax knowing that a pro is taking care of the sales page copy & launch emails for ya.

What will you need from me before writing my copy?

Can you show me some examples of your work?

How is this different from your Cosmic Copy Week?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Ready to launch lightning-fast?

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