Low Ticket Live™

Case Study

When Elizabeth Goddard gets an idea from the Shower Gods, she makes it happen—and Low Ticket Live™ was no exception!

This 4-day virtual event was designed to inspire newer online business owners to create their next low-ticket offer in a strategic and creative manner. 

The Client

Elizabeth is a multi-offer online business strategist. Through her experimental courses & trainings, she models a fun-filled approach to entrepreneurship that she's dubbed her online business playground.

After working together on the sales copy for standout programs such as Profitable Live Trainings, Small But Mighty $9 Offers, Lizzy's Christmas Party, and The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing, I'm lucky to be among Elizabeth's "favorite copywriters" that she consistently recommends to her clients and students.

Elizabeth goddard, online business strategist


  • Having hosted a summit before, Elizabeth knew that her audience was easily turned off by the word "summit." 

  • The target audience for this event was online business owners who had a few offers already, but who hadn't yet thought about low-ticket offers strategically. 

  • Past summit attendees were confused about Elizabeth's involvement as host.


  • Framed Low Ticket Live™ as a "summit-style virtual event," to help mitigate audience hesitations about signing up for another summit.

  • Carefully crafted value prop to highlight that this wasn't for brand new business owners & that the event would showcase new, strategic, & experimental approaches to low-ticket offers.

  • Highlighted Elizabeth in a meatier bio section & called out presentations she was giving on the registration page.

2023 is the year of low ticket offers being used/sold in new + creative ways.

👆That’s the prediction I made earlier this year in my client-student only group, and it’s already come true in so many ways. 

From mini memberships to tiny courses to 1:1 support, there are low ticket offers out there that are breaking all the moulds of what we expect from a typical low ticket product.

And if you’re wanting to break the moulds, too, then you should definitely be at Low Ticket Live!

By the end of Low Ticket Live, you’ll be...
🌟 super inspired to incorporate one (or two, or three, or more!) low ticket offers into your business ecosystem

🌟 ready to mix up how you integrate low ticket offers into your business

🌟 excited to try out the new strategies you’ve learned for positioning, marketing, & selling your low ticket offers

Ready to get inspired? Grab your free ticket!

Favorite Lines


  • 54% conversion rate on the registration page

  • 8-9% conversion rate on the tripwire version of the all access pass sales page

  • $100K+ in all access pass sales alone!


  • Registration Page
  • All Access Pass Sales Page (tripwire & standalone)
  • Promo Email Sequence
  • Affiliate Swipe Emails & Social Media Captions

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