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Hi, I’m Jaimie! I'm a conversion copywriter who has helped dozens of online entrepreneurs communicate all they have to offer. 

Whether you’re needing a compelling sales page, a connection-forming email sequence, or fresh website copy, I’m here to help you communicate all of your brilliance.  

Copy isn’t just words on a page. It’s a representation of everything you are. If you’re looking for a copywriter who will make the effort to know you, research your audience, and write in a way that aligns with your values...you’re in the right place.

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Distilling all of your goodness into a clear, empowering, & honest message.

You’re not just an entrepreneur. You’re a multi-hyphenate human that wants to communicate everything you are so you can connect with your audience and empower them to make an informed decision. 

Most of all, you want to get it done at lightning speed, but without skimping on research and strategy. 

The Cosmic Copy Week is made just for you.

cosmic copy week         COSMIC COPY WEEK            COSMIC COPY WEEK

cosmic copy week         COSMIC COPY WEEK

The Launchpad

Copy that connects, empowers, and converts—all at the speed of light. Research and strategy always included.

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cosmic copy week

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“Working with Jaimie helped take so much off my plate and gave me the confidence to sell my online course in a way that truly aligned with my values.”

Molly Goodman
Body Acceptance Coach 

Molly Goodman - Body Acceptance Coach 

Featured Blog Post:

When you’re first starting a service-based business, you have to try lots of different things until something works. Everything is an experiment—from the content you create to the services you offer.

Eventually, you want to start making more informed decisions. As a service provider, every decision you make in your business needs to come back to the clients and customers you serve.

That’s where VOC research comes in!

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A practical guide to voice of customer research for service providers

Take your welcome sequence from "Houston, we have a problem," to "ready for takeoff."

The Mini Welcome Sequence Template will help you authentically invite people into your orbit and connect with new subscribers—all so you can grow your list and make more sales. 🚀

Free copy template          free copy template          free copy template          free copy template

Free copy template          Free copy template

It's time to shoot for the stars.

Let’s get your launch ready for takeoff with values-aligned copy that connects, empowers, & converts.

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