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empathy-driven, research-backed sales copy for queer, neurodiverse, & multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs

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smack in the middle of the "Launch must-haves" & "I'd rather memorize the tax code than write this" venn diagram:

Copy that gets customers to whip out their wallets without giving them the manipulation-fueled ick.

You're a good human. You're on a mission to truly help people with your work. And you've got incredible offers ready & waiting. 

But writing your sales pages, launch emails, & website copy?

That's easier said than done—especially when your words need to...

✏️ give potential customers all the details they need to make an informed, force-free decision

✏️ clearly communicate your voice, style, & values

✏️ gently guide best-fit clients to action (& preferably send unaligned leads on their way)

✏️ not take hours upon hours to write, since you've got approx. 12,539 other tasks that need doing before you can launch your offer

smack in the middle of the "Launch must-haves" & "I'd rather memorize the tax code than write this" venn diagram:

Copy that gets customers to whip out their wallets without giving them the manipulation-fueled ick.

My speciality: empathy-infused, strategy-focused, research-backed copy that makes you $$$. 

While I chat up your previous customers, come up with the perfect messaging angle, & craft the words that capture your brilliance...'re free to focus on all the other moving parts of your business—or, dare I suggest it, take a moment to yourself.

Because crossing "write sales copy" off your list? Trust me, that deserves to be celebrated.

As luck would have it, that's exactly the kind of copy I love to write.

TL;DR—You need words that strike the perfect balance between connection & conversion. 

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Molly Goodman, Body Acceptance Coach

"Working with Jaimie gave me the confidence to sell my online course in a way that truly aligned with my values. I felt so clear on how to articulate the value of the course and my work in general after working with Jaimie.

Her flexibility to add in a la carte services helped me fill in the gaps in my business in such a perfect way. I'm so grateful for her and her work!"

Working with Jaimie has taken so much off my plate.

You deserve copy that makes you and your audience feel deeply seen.

Here's how we'll make it happen.

Once your copy is drafted, edited, refined, & finalized, you'll be ready to launch. But you won't have to go it alone.

As your copy co-pilot, I'll stick around to support you with design advice, messaging tweaks, & post-launch revisions.

Copy that shows your audience that you really get them is rooted in research.

Whether we're checking out the competition, pouring over feedback surveys, or interviewing past students, understanding why your audience thinks & feels the way they do is our first step.

When writing your copy, we'll weave in everything that makes you, well, you.

Your voice, values, & story are what draws in best-fit clients & students (bonus: they also gently redirect unaligned leads away from your work).

Launch your
brilliant offer

dive into the data

layer in your
voice, values, & story

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I'll answer to any of the above and a handful of  other titles—dog mom & book devourer come to mind—but you can call me Jaimie. 

My copy philosophy? It's not just words on a page. It's a representation of everything you are. And as a neurodiverse & queer entrepreneur, I know first-hand the power of being deeply seen. 

Research Nerd, Offer Optimizer, Copywriter, Em-Dash Lover

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Chelsea Heatherington, Post-grad coach

"Jaimie is incredible to work with! The combination of synchronous and asynchronous feedback gave me exactly what I needed to take my sales page to the next level.

My new sales page is a MUCH better encapsulation of the course and my brand. I feel so much more confident and proud to share it with my audience! I can't recommend working with Jaimie enough!"

I feel so much more confident & proud to share with my audience.

Curious what the right words can do for your business? 

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One of my favorite projects of 2023 was for Elizabeth Goddard's summit, Low Ticket Live™.

We saw a 54% conversion rate on the registration page & $100K+ in all access pass sales, all supported by the copy I crafted.

Take your welcome email from "Houston, we have a problem," to "ready for takeoff."

The Mini Welcome Sequence Template will help you authentically invite people into your orbit and connect with new subscribers—all so you can grow your list and make more sales—in just one simple email. 🚀

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Not quite ready to hire a copywriter?

That's a-okay! In fact, learning to write for yourself is a skill that *every* entrepreneur should have. My templates, courses, & resources can show you how.