Research Nerd. Strategist. Launch Co-Pilot. Offer Optimizer. Copywriter.

 Meet your Copywriter

I’ve got a whole galaxy’s worth of titles, but you can call me Jaimie.

As a conversion copywriter, I help multi-hyphenate online entrepreneurs communicate all they have to offer. I embrace all of the facets of my clients, because no one is just a business coach or just a designer.

Case in point: I’ve held jobs as an opera singer, a research assistant, a travel organizer, a wine taster, and an English teacher. All of of them contributed to who I am as a human. And all of them have made me a better copywriter.

...all while cheering on your launch like it’s her own.

✨embrace all that you are—you multi-faceted wonder, you

✨craft copy that aligns with your values rather than the pushy, manipulative, pressure-filled status quo

✨take the time to deeply understand you and your business (without taking six weeks to get there)

✨put research, strategy, and empathy above all else

You need a copy co-pilot who will...

Chelsea Heatherington, Post-grad coach

"Jaimie is incredible to work with! The combination of synchronous and asynchronous feedback gave me exactly what I needed to take my sales page to the next level.

My new sales page is a MUCH better encapsulation of the course and my brand. I feel so much more confident and proud to share it with my audience! I can't recommend working with Jaimie enough!"

I feel so much more confident & proud to share with my audience.

  • You're an online or IRL entrepreneur
  • You're neurodiverse, queer, or both!
  • You've got more than one "thing"—aka, you're passionate about & have services or products that relate to more than just one topic or niche
  • You understand the power of positioning & are excited to collaborate with me on finding the perfect selling angles for your offers
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Period. 
  • All love deserves to be protected & celebrated.
  • There are more than two genders. They're all valid & beautiful.
  • No one is illegal on stolen land.
  • Climate change is real.
  • Vaccines save lives.
  • Changing your opinion when presented with new information is a powerful acknowledgement of your humanity.

We'll make a great team if...

...and these values ring true for you.

I ask that anyone who wants to work with me, buy my offers, or otherwise engage with my business agrees with the above as a matter of safety for myself & my community. 

Not your vibe? Feel free to exit now.

Curious if you & I are written in the stars?

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