Research nerd. Strategist. Launch Co-Pilot. Offer Optimizer. Copywriter.

I’ve got a whole galaxy’s worth of titles, but you can call me Jaimie.

As a conversion copywriter, I help multi-hyphenate online entrepreneurs communicate all they have to offer. I embrace all of the facets of my clients, because no one is just a business coach or just a designer.

Case in point: I’ve held jobs as an opera singer, a research assistant, a travel organizer, a wine taster, and an English teacher. All of of them contributed to who I am as a human. And all of them have made me a better copywriter.

You need a copywriter co-pilot who will...

✨embrace all that you are—you multi-faceted wonder, you

✨craft copy that aligns with your values rather than the pushy, manipulative, pressure-filled status quo

✨take the time to deeply understand you and your business (without taking six weeks to get there)

✨put research, strategy, and empathy above all else

...all while cheering on your launch like it’s her own.


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“Jaimie walks you through every step of the process like a total pro. She really takes the time to understand what you and your business are all about.”

elizabeth goddard
online business strategist

elizabeth goddard - online business strategist

Want to make sure we’re a good fit?

I believe that Black lives matter. I stand for LGBTQ+ equality, especially for trans rights. I deeply value neurodiversity, in all its forms. I stand with the Asian community. I acknowledge that my home and business are built on stolen land. I believe in science, peer-reviewed research, and vaccines. 

Most of all, I am committed to building an inclusive, and intersectional business. I am continually working to address my privilege, whiteness, and complict biases as best I can.

Here’s where I stand on the issues that matter most.

cosmic copy week         COSMIC COPY WEEK            COSMIC COPY WEEK

Research-backed, empathy-infused copy at the speed of light.

With a kick-off call on Monday and delivery on Friday, the lightning-fast Cosmic Copy Week delivers stellar results in a fraction of the time. 

You’ll get to cross your sales page or email squence off of your list in just one week. 

But that doesn’t mean I’ll hop out of the cockpit right then—I’ll still be there to co-pilot as you launch your next offer or your new website.

cosmic copy week         COSMIC COPY WEEK

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