Silver Moon Sales™

Case Study

After years of experimenting, Elizabeth Goddard has developed unique "set-it-and-forget-it" strategies that have helped her make at least one sale every single day for months at a time.

I was thrilled when Elizabeth asked me to craft a Mini Launch Pack for the founding launch of this program!

The Client

Elizabeth is a multi-offer online business strategist. Through her experimental courses & trainings, she models a fun-filled approach to entrepreneurship that she's dubbed her online business playground.

After working together on the sales copy for standout programs such as Profitable Live Trainings, Small But Mighty $9 Offers, Lizzy's Christmas Party, and The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing, I'm lucky to be among Elizabeth's "favorite copywriters" that she consistently recommends to her clients and students.

Elizabeth goddard, online business strategist


  • Elizabeth wanted clear, compelling copy that didn't reveal the exact strategies taught inside Silver Moon Sales™. 

  • The target audience for this program is experience entrepreneurs with an online business who have created & sold at least three courses, digital products, or trainings. 


  • Instead of outlining every single strategy on the sales page, Elizabeth's framework for Silver Moon Sales™ came in handy! I incorporated the three different overarching categories—Offers, Traffic, & Sales—and mentioned the pre-existing courses in Elizabeth's offer suite included in the program (without tying them to any specific category).

  • I wrote clear FAQ copy that detailed exactly who this program was and wasn't a great fit for without any shame or manipulation.

Create a new offer. Sell it. Then plop it on your website, never to see the light of the moon again.

Making something new is exciting, and it usually comes with a burst of creative marketing energy! You’re thrilled to share your shiny new offer, and so your audience snaps it right up.

But after that initial launch? All that fun, creative energy fizzles out — and you’re back to square one. 

After doing that a few times, you’re left with a whole solar system of offers that you’re not sure how to sell.

Your previous creations are collecting digital dust.

And while you might do a once-a-year whole-website discount, host a one-off flash sale, or get a random Stripe notification every few months... secretly wonder if all your incredible past products could be selling more than just once in a blue moon.

What if you could keep creating stellar 
offers that your audience loves, and...

🌝 easily swirl people into your solar system, drawing them deeper and deeper into all the gorgeous layers of your business

🌝 get those people excitedly clicking over to your sales pages while they think, “oooh, what’s this? And they have something about that, too?!”

🌝 open *at least* one new sale notification email every day (with the lovely dopamine rush of getting to see which of your star offers was purchased this time!)

...all because you have a galaxy’s-worth of “set it and forget it” strategies that are always working in the background to support you.

Favorite Lines


  • 200+ founding members

  • $150K+ in sales for the first launch of the program


  • Mini Launch Pack version of my Cosmic Copy Week service (aka, a short sales page & four promo emails)

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