Write Like Lightning⚡ 

Craft the sales page for your next brilliant idea at the speed of light—without agonizing over what to say or how to say it.

lightning speed to the sign-up, if you're into it

But writing those words? Ugh, that's tough.

And if you're an online business owner with a brilliant idea, getting your newest offer in front of the right eyeballs means having words that sell for ya. 

Words sell. Period. 

Communicating all the goodness inside your offers isn't easy, especially when you care SO much and are excited to create something meant to truly help your audience.

How can you possibly get across the magic of your workpreferably without spending hours and hours wondering if your words are doing their job?

Imagine being able to write a sales page for your next offer that...

clearly communicated your offer & its value

took you 90-ish minutes to create

was based upon a proven structure

didn't have any fluff, annoying repetition, or slimy sales manipulation

gave your audience exactly what they needed to make an informed decision

felt good to write!

Yep, that's 100% possible for you. 

Write Like Lightning ⚡ 

A 60-ish minute course to help you craft the sales page for your latest brilliant idea at the speed of light—without agonizing over what to say or how to say it.

Understand the 7 key sections of an engaging sales page

be able to write your next sales page without waffling, worrying about what to say, or using generic language that doesn't sound like you

let's write, lightning style ⚡

Know where to start & what to write next, so you can say buh-bye to that annoying blinking cursor


After This COURSE, you will...

Course Price: $150

Meet Your Teacher

aka your resident research nerd, 
strategist, & launch co-pilot

Hi! I’m Jaimie. 👋

Since starting my copywriting business in 2018, I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs like you connect with their perfect-fit clients through their sales copy.

I love writing sales pages for my clients. But for my own business? Yikes. Knowing that I had to write a sales page held me back from launching new things time and time again.

So I decided to find a better way. I distilled my signature sales page structure down to only the sections my audience truly needed to make an informed decision.

Now that I've released the pressure of writing a traditional sales page for every new offer, I'm able to get my ideas out there so 👏 much 👏 faster 👏. And I want to help you do the same!

Key Details


Write Like Lightning ⚡ is a 60-ish minute course designed to help you craft the sales page for your latest brilliant idea at the speed of light—without agonizing over what to say or how to say it.

Also included:

Lifetime access to the replay

Invite to monthly Voxer Office Hours

50% discount on a Copy Boost, only for Write Like Lightning students!

let's write, lightning style ⚡

Course Price: $150

Common Queries

What will I learn in write like lightning?

In this 60-ish minute course, I'm going to walk you through my lightning-fast sales page structure. You'll learn which sections of a traditional lonnnnnng sales page are essential—and which ones you can stop worrying about.

We'll also go over all of my best tips, tricks, & shortcuts to writing a lightning-fast sales page that sounds like you (and sells your stuff!) without agonizing over every word. 

Shouldn't I just hire a copywriter to write for me?

To be honest, you shouldn't hire a copywriter to write a sales page for a brand new offer. Copywriters do their best work when they can research—and that means having customers to interview & feedback to comb through.

Write Like Lightning is meant for biz owners wanting to launch a new offer and just get 👏 it 👏 out 👏 there 👏. Once you've gotten loads of sales and feedback, you'll be in the perfect place to hire a copywriter for an updated sales page that takes all of your success into account.

How long will it really take me to write a sales page after this Course?

I wish I could give you an exact number, but honestly, it depends! If it helps, I used the Write Like Lightning⚡sales page structure on the page you're currently reading, and it took me about 90 minutes. That might still sound like a lot, but it's a far cry from the 10-15 hour sales pages I used to torture myself with.

Rest assured, you'll have a clear structure in place for your sales page that you'll easily be able to follow. 

Why are there space cats all over your sales page?

Because they're just so dang cute! Also, who doesn't love space cats?!

i have another query that you haven't answered here.

No problem! Please send me a message in the chat box on this page, & I'll get back to you via email shortly.

Ready to stop agonizing over your sales page?

Let's Write Like Lightning ⚡!