Magically Customized Onboarding Forms

Wow your clients with cleverly flexible onboarding forms that don't waste your time or theirs.

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Finding the balance between "customized for your exact project" and "generic time-waster" for your onboarding forms can be reallllly tough.

You don't want to add hours of work making your onboarding forms perfect. But you do want your clients to feel confident in their choice & like they're one-of-a-kind.

And it all starts with a flexible onboarding form that asks the right questions, is easily updated, and has the ability to change depending on the client, project, or your process.

If you're anything like *ahem* (nearly) every service provider out there, you're going to do one of two things:

1) spend a bunch of time & effort creating, customizing, & sending a unique onboarding form for your new client

2) Send over a generic form that doesn't really get you the information you need—which wastes your client's time & yours, since you'll have to ask a bunch of questions on the kick-off call

You've booked the client. Now what?!

Let's wow your clients instead.

I mean really wow them. Like this!

Magically Customized Onboarding Forms

A quick & simple training that shows you how to build a flexible, easily-updated onboarding form that wows your clients.

understand what makes a magical onboarding process

customize your form so that it gets you the information you need, looks beautiful, and wows your clients with personal touches

Get it for just $9!

be able to create your flexible, client-impressing onboarding form


After This training, you will...

People *love* creating magically customized onboarding forms.

"I knew I needed a more sophisticated onboarding form than the ones I was using, especially for the new productised service I'm just about to launch and your training got me thinking around what to include and additional ways to use Tally forms not only for onboarding new clients but also as a booking form. That was the piece I wasn't even aware was missing in my processes.

Even though it took me a good while to fully configure Tally forms to my liking, I'm confident I now have a really good tool (and a skill) to use for when I have a need for more sophisticated booking/onboarding forms. It's amazing what can be done with this tool.

Your training also gave me some additional ideas on what I could incorporate into my existing onboarding forms and how to use this tool to calculate what sales page to send people to? That in itself is pretty amazing!!"

-Jana Krizanova

"[Before taking this course, onboarding forms made us feel] Bleurgh! LOL!! Seriously though, we've had them for years but we knew they needed an exciting makeover and even though we bought this on a whim, we're SO glad we did.

[Now, we] LOVE them!! We can't wait to move ALL our onboarding and intake forms over to Tally and add that touch of magic to them!

Forms that are magical make it easy for clients to complete. Client experience is HUGE for us at Content Bistro and these gorgeous forms will definitely be an amazing asset and add to that experience. 

[Magically Customized Onboarding Forms was] easy-to-follow, easier-to-implement. We set up an intake form in a couple of hours (complete with all the fancy customization!) without wanting to smash a screen or give up!"

-Prerna and Mayank Malik

Common Queries

Does this require an expensive software subscription?

Nope! I use (affiliate link). It's super powerful and packed with, it's free!

While I do pay for some extra features, you can recreate my exact onboarding forms with the free version.

Am i still going to spend hours customizing forms?

It'll take you an hour or two to set up your onboarding form, but after that, no!

There are a few minor adjustments you can make as you have clients come back to work with you again, but those adjustments take less than five minutes to implement (and I'll show you exactly how to do it).

Why are there Unicorns all over your sales page?

Because you'll be a unicorn service provider with a fancy onboarding form...get it?! 

Also, I just like unicorns. Sue me.

i have another query that you haven't answered here.

No problem! Please send me a message in the chat box on this page, & I'll get back to you via email shortly.

Give it to me straight: how tech-savvy do I need to be for this course?

You might have to play around with Tally for a bit to make your forms perfect, but that's true for *any* new tool. There's no inherent level of tech-saviness required to make a magical onboarding form, pinky swear!

Plus, you're welcome to message me during Voxer Office Hours or leave a comment on the course lessons if you're really stuck.

Ready to wow your clients with your magical onboarding form?
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