The Voice of Customer Research Workshop

Here's what you'll learn:

• Why VOC Research is a foundational process for ALL businesses—not just SaaS companies & tech giants

• How to add a simple voice of customer process into your work

• What to ask, how to ask it, and how to follow-up with the customers who give you the best insights

• How to organize, analyze, and implement your VOC research in your copy so you can make more sales

No Pitch. No fluff.

get the workshop for $150

VOC research is the foundation of conversion copy.

But it doesn't have to be an intimidating process! You can 1000% learn to conduct useful, collaborative, and insightful VOC research in your own business.

Having this valuable skill in your back pocket will lead to better connections with your clients, a better understanding of your business, and better copy—all of which lead to more sales.

What's included:

the voc research bank

monthly office hours

Workshop replay

over-the-shoulder tutorial

As a conversion copywriter, not only does my client work depend on VOC research, but my business does, too. I've broken it down and explained each step for you, along with the strategy that supports it all.

Have a follow-up Q after the workshop? Want me to look over your most recent VOC data? I host monthly office hours via Voxer for all of my students. Workshop attendees are always invited!

No more wondering what to ask or how to build a survey. I've given you the exact questions I ask that you can customize to your business in a jiffy—and I've built the surveys for you. All you have to do is copy, paste, and lightly edit.

During the workshop, I'll walk you through examples of the VOC research I've done for my clients & exactly how we implemented it in their copy.

Here's what one workshop attendee had to say: 

"You presented so much valuable information, and the questions you shared for market research and previous offers are definitely going to come in handy!

I loved the case studies you included and real client examples of how to implement VOC data. I really enjoyed your storytelling and how you walked us through the process from analyzing the data to implementing it in a meaningful, strategic way for these clients."

Common Queries

Isn't voice of customer research really technical?

It can be, but that's not my personal approach to it. I see VOC research as the opportunity to listen to your customers and give a damn about what they have to say.

People who have already paid you have so much insight to give about your business. VOC research is the opportunity to listen to them and make solid decisions, write great copy, and make more money going forward.

my business is quite new—will this workshop still be applicable?

VOC research is focused on connecting with past or current customers for their insights. However, there's tons of overlap between VOC research and market research, as long as you tweak the questions slightly.

And regardless of when you started your business, learning this valuable skill for the moment you have a few clients under your belt will help you immensely as your grow.

I've already purchased the VOC Research Bank. Do I get a discount for the workshop?

You betcha! Check your email for a discount code for the workshop. If you can't find it in your inbox, just shoot me a quick message in the little chat bubble at the bottom left of this page—I'll get you sorted straight away.

i have another query that you haven't answered here.

No problem! Please reach out via email ( or send me a message on Voxer (@jaimieleecreative). 

Listen to your clients, implement their feedback, & grow your business.

get the workshop for $150