The Voice of Customer Research Bank

A start-to-finish toolkit for collecting, analyzing, & implementing voice of customer research in your service-based business.

There's a lot of advice out there for service providers.

From the 9-figure Instagram coach to the #bossbabe wannabes, everyone seems to have it allllll figured out. 

So you try the newest course or coaching program and shell out big bucks to sneak a peek at someone else's ideas.

An unfortunate (But freeing!) Truth:
Service-based businesses are not one size fits all.

I'm not saying that seeing BTS of someone else's business isn't helpful. It absolutely can be! 

But the true North in your unique, one-of-a-kind, secret sauce approach just can't be found in someone else's blueprint.

Your clients don't want a carbon copy of someone else. They chose you.

The gurus don't matter.

The other service providers in that free Facebook community don't matter.

Even your Mom or your best friend or your coach, with all of their good intentions, don't matter when it comes to your business.

The only opinions that should matter to you?

They come straight from the mouths of the people you serve.

In can be pretty easy!

Most of your clients—and even potential clients!—would happily give you feedback if you just asked.

I know, the asking can be the hard part.
And also what to ask.

And also figuring out what to do with their feedback.

Asking your people for feedback doesn't have to feel so scary.

Cue me sliding in from stage left and whispering your next line in your ear.

Just in case we haven't met...

Hi, I'm Jaimie. 👋

CopyHackers-trained conversion copywriter, research nerd, & launch strategist. 

Service provider who was so scared to ask for feedback that she didn't have any testimonials (or any direction in her business) for the first year or so of her biz. 

Basically, I feel ya. But I've finally got my process for asking for, analyzing, and implementing feedback down pat—and I'd like to share it with you. 

the voice of customer research bank

A start-to-finish toolkit for collecting, analyzing, & implementing voice of customer research in your service-based business.

get your voc research bank

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What's included:

Survey Swipes & Templates

Automatic Survey Organization in Notion

VOC Research Guide

Tagging & Implementation System

As a conversion copywriter, not only does my client work depend on VOC research, but my business does, too. I've broken it down and explained each step for you, along with the strategy that supports it all.

Learn how to automatically pull your survey data into Notion, so you don't have to go looking for your client feedback in every Dubsado project, Google Drive folder, and buried email thread.

No more wondering what to ask or how to build a survey. I've given you the exact questions I ask that you can customize to your business in a jiffy—and I've built the surveys for you. All you have to do is copy, paste, and lightly edit.

Once you've gotten feedback, I'll show you how to see the patterns coming up and confidently make decisions based on those patterns.

Plus two bonuses to help you easily gather VOC research & get fresh eyes on your biz

✨Feedback Ask Swipe Copy: It can be intimidating to reach out to past clients and ask them for their time and feedback! You'll get 3 email swipes that you can use to make the big ask AND follow up, in case your email gets buried.

✨Voxer Office Hours: Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective! On the first Monday of every month, I put on my strategic thinking cap and answer your Qs. Just send me a quick intro message on Voxer, ask your question, and I'll be there to help you sort it out.

As you'll get instant access to the VOC Research Bank™ & it's all downloadable, I can't offer a refund. But I can guarantee that you'll have everything you need to ask for, collect, analyze, and implement VOC research in your service-based business. 

If you're unhappy for any reason after purchase, send me an email at, and I'll give you the support you need.

The VOC Research Bank Guarantee 🧡 

Common Queries

I thought voc research was only for big companies. can it really help me and my small business?

I get it—I used to think the same thing! I knew I was supposed to be asking for a glowing testimonial, but I thought that more technical voice of customer research wasn't for me.

Once I took a chance, though, I realized that the feedback I was getting was influencing the direction of my business, rather than just telling me how great I was. Those valuable insights have helped me make thoughtful decisions about the direction of my business based on the people I love to serve. 

TL;DR—YES. VOC research isn't just for the big-wigs, and it can make all the difference in how you serve your clients.

i haven't had that many clients yet. is this for me?

The VOC Research Bank is most helpful for service providers with a good handful of clients already under their belt. If you're just starting out, though, having a feedback system in place now is such a smart move! 

And a little secret: there's a survey inside that's for potential clients, and you could totally use it for market research as you start your biz. 😉

will this be difficult to implement or require expensive software?

Nope! That's not how I roll.

The entire VOC Research Bank is hosted in Notion (it's free!). The surveys were built in Tally (also free!), which has an awesome template feature. Unlike Typeform or Paperform, you can add my surveys to your Tally account directly, so you're not wasting time building them. 

Plus, the integration between Notion and Tally is truly seamless. No paying for Zapier around here, friend.

i have another query that you haven't answered here.

No problem! Please reach out via email ( or send me a message on Voxer (@jaimieleecreative). 

The VOC Research Bank™ is your start-to-finish toolkit for collecting, analyzing, & implementing voice of customer research. Made for service providers, by a service provider.

Ready to start collecting, analyzing, and implementing the feedback that actually matters?

One payment of $50