The Mini Welcome Sequence Template ⚡ 

Give your stagnant welcome sequence the ultimate glow-up with this proven template from a pro copywriter.

ready to level up your welcome sequence?

Calling all online business owners who want to deeply connect with their audience

write your welcome sequence

Your welcome sequence's mission: connect with your new friends.

If you're worried that your welcome sequence is saying "Houston, we have a problem" rather than "ready for takeoff," new subscribers might be ignoring your messages...or scrolling down to the unsubscribe button.

Thankfully, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Beyond connecting with the wonderful people who join your list, your welcome sequence doesn't have to do anything else.

You don't have to sell your products, re-engage cold subscribers, or write dozens of emails that tell your whole life story—no matter what other templates might tell you.

The Mini Welcome Sequence Template⚡ will give you...

A deep understanding of why your welcome sequence matters, what it needs to do, & how to craft it in less than an hour

Several options for how to make your welcome sequence stand out in the deluge of emails clogging our inboxes

A compelling, valuable, & action-driving mini sequence, ready to add to your email service provider & send out to new subscribers

write your welcome sequence

Here’s what one client said after using my copy templates to write connection-based emails for their business: 

Meet Your Copywriter

aka your resident research nerd, 
strategist, & launch co-pilot

Hi! I’m Jaimie. 👋

Since starting my copywriting business in 2018, I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs like you connect with their perfect-fit clients through voice of customer research & connection-focused conversion copy.

And while I’m a rockstar at writing copy for my clients, the truth is that I didn’t have a welcome sequence set up for the first three years of my business!

Because connecting with your own audience? It can feel freaking hard—even when you know you’re awesome at what you do.

My goal for you with the Mini Welcome Sequence Template is for you to authentically invite people into your orbit and connect with new subscribers, all so you can grow your list and make more sales. 

Let's co-write your one-email welcome sequence so you can connect with new subscribers.