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Show notes are key piece of content for podcasters. But the summary-style, resources-list-plus-transcript show notes are ineffective, no matter what your goal is! Whether you want to build your authority with your current audience, create long-lasting content that brings in new listeners, or just not watch your juicy content go to the podcast audio graveyard, learning to write successful show notes will change your content strategy. 

After working with podcasters big and small to write their successful show notes, I've consolidated all of my expertise into a jam-packed course: Show Note Success. It's the perfect course for VAs, content writers, junior copywriters, and even DIY-ers who want to write effective, engaging, authority- & audience-building show notes for clients or themselves. 

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For the DIY-ers

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Not every podcaster has the resources to hire out their podcast show notes—or train their current VA to write them well. Join so you can write your own, or hand off access to someone on your team.

For VAs, content writers, & copywriters

Repurposing audio content is a highly-coveted skill for time-strapped podcasters. Learn to write show notes that will blow your clients away & add a new service to your business in Show Note Success. 

What's Included

In Show Note Success, I'm handing you the exact process, plan, templates, and workflows I use to write show notes for my high-level clients. 

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Module One:
Set Yourself Up
for Show Note Success

Module Two:
Anatomy of Successful Show Notes

Module Three:
Successful, Engaging, & Organized (SEO)

The JLC SNS Workflow

The SNS Template Vault

Learn the why & the how of creating successful show notes, including the exact tech stack I use to
maximize efficiency.

In this jam-packed module, you'll watch over my shoulder as I work on a real client's show notes & break down the pieces needed to make
them successful.

SEO is critical to successful show notes! I'll teach you best practices & show you how to optimize show notes
from A to Yoast.

Snag my show notes writing & optimizing process, pre-built for your use in ClickUp!

This special bonus includes Canva, ClickUp, & Google Doc templates for the graphics, organizers, workflows, & docs I use while creating show notes!

Price: $297

In this jam-packed module, you'll watch over my shoulder as I work on a real client's show notes & break down the pieces needed to make them successful.


I've designed SNS to be consumed in bite-sized pieces of actionable content! You could complete the entire course in one long afternoon, or spread it out over a couple of days. Either way, I've condensed it down to only the content you need to write effective, engaging, & authority-building show notes!

I won't teach you how to get clients in this course. With the knowledge inside, though, I know you'll feel confident providing show notes as a valuable service to clients who come back month after month.

You betcha! I do ask that you buy separate copies for each team member that will access the course. Send me a DM on Instagram or reach out via email for a multiple-seat discount!

Due to the digital nature of this product, I am unable to offer refunds, but if you ever have any questions about writing show notes or want a quick review from a pro, please reach out! I want to make sure that everyone who goes through SNS feels equipped to write these important pieces of content.

Nice to meet ya! I'm your resident show notes expert, Jaimie!

After writing authority-building show notes for multiple podcasts on the top 150 list in the US, I'm so excited to bring Show Note Success to life.

I've built my business on repurposing the juicy audio content produced each week by thousands of podcast hosts into show notes that engage their audiences & stand the test of time (and Google's ever-changing search algorithm). I can't wait to train you to do the same.

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Join SNS to learn how to write effective, authority-building show notes from a pro.


Price: $297

Copy + Design Templates

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Show Note Success

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