As an online entrepreneur, your to-do list is miles long.

From creating new offers to serving your clients to making sure all your systems are running smoothly, writing your copy or fiddling with your website design is often last on the list. 

So when you finally have time to sit down and write your sales page, email sequence, or long-form content…you find yourself staring down a blinking cursor for the fifth day in a row and wondering when it’s time to raise your hand. 

Because yes, you’ve been personally victimized by a blank Google doc more times than you care to admit. 🙋‍♀️

And if you’re trying to update your website design, layout a new lead magnet, or design your sales page? 

The backend of Showit and your Canva account might as well rename themselves the Plastics(we love a good Mean Girls reference around here).

Allow me to shimmy into the room with a bottle of bubbly and my mega-watt smile, ready to tell you the best secret ever:

You can get the conversion copy, content, or design you need faster than you can say, “I’d like some orange juice with that champagne, please.” 

The JLC Day Rate is how you get that project off your to-do list and into the world—so you can enjoy that mimosa with a side of Stripe notifications. 💸

There are tons of copy + design projects that we can tackle in a day.

Conversion-driven copy for a medium-length sales page

Refresh of your core website copy (home, about, & services pages)

Plan & write a snappy 4-6 email welcome or sales sequence

Spruce up the design, functionality, & SEO of 5 Showit website pages 

Create a shiny new lead magnet, from copy to design, plus 2-3 promo emails

Design a strategic, short-form sales page for your next launch

for example:

And no matter what project we’re tackling, you’ll also get:

A Deep Dive Brand Questionnaire, so I can snag your unique voice & style

A 60-minute kick-off call, so we know we’re on the exact same page

A post-day-rate video walkthrough of everything we accomplished

An outline of next steps, so you know exactly what to do with your shiny new copy + design

14 days of Voxer support so you can ask follow-up questions after our day is done & dusted

The JLC Day Rate lets you...

Slide to the front of the queue.

Custom copy + design projects are weeks-long, back-and-forth projects. No sitting at the end of the waiting list for you.

Have uninterrupted access to my expert copy + design brain.

Do not disturb mode? Toggled on. Laser-focus? You betcha. Airpod Pros on noise cancellation mode? *Thumbs up.*

Cross that nagging project off your list. 

Mouthwatering, moneymaking copy + design, comin’ right up.

book your day rate

Seen In & Trusted By...

Wondering how this works?
I gotchu.

Here's the process:


Click any of the buttons that say “book your day rate” to fill out the proposal, sign the contract, & pay the invoice.


I'll send you a link to schedule your JLC Day Rate Kick-Off Call & add it to your calendar.


Time for a little homework! You'll complete the Deep Dive Brand Questionnaire and send me any market research, brand assets, or login info I’ll need to create the copy + design of your dreams. 


On Monday, we’ll hop on your 60-minute kick-off call to sync up re: your project, your goals, and your voice.


By end of day Friday, you’ll find your new copy or design and a walkthrough video at the top of your inbox. 

book your day rate

By the way, have we met?

Hi, I’m Jaimie.

I’m a conversion copywriter + designer for driven, thoughtful, & talented women entrepreneurs like you.

Other words I’d use to describe myself are dog momma, world traveler, former opera singer, semi-pro wine taster, charcuterie board maker, & book lover. 

Most importantly, though, I’m allergic to wasted time—I’d rather be doing all that good stuff up above. And if you're interested in a JLC Day Rate, I'd bet my lucky pencil that you're the same way.

So if you’re ready to cross off that nagging project (or give it a satisfying checkmark, if that’s your style), hi. Let’s get cracking on the copy + design you crave. 

"Jaimie is a joy to work with. She is extremely professional, clear in her communication, and is more timely than anyone I have ever worked with."

"Jaimie is delightful to work with and I am speechless at the high-touch service that she delivered."

"I can't wait to work with her again—I've finally found the copywriter who gets my voice and understands how my ideal clients think."

"You nailed my messaging in a way I've not been able to do before."

"If you're looking for someone to handle all aspects of a launch so it clears your plate to focus on your customers during launch rather than the details, Jaimie is your person!"


"Jaimie listened to me ramble on and on and worked her magic with words and ta-da, months of struggle with my message was resolved."

"Not only is Jaimie an absolute ray of sunshine, but she is also extremely professional. I never wondered what was next, she met every deadline, and exceeded my expectations in every category."

"Jaimie really made me a partner in the whole process and I felt very empowered at the end of our time together."


My day rate is currently priced at $2000 (no charm pricing here, I believe in clear pricing with zero trickery!).

There's a payment plan available, though—you can pay $500 upon booking, then $500 per month until your day rate is fully paid. I don't charge any extra fees for this payment plan, as I want to make sure I'm not punishing anyone on a budget for wanting stellar, high-converting copy + design.

Or, if you're ready to pay the full price when you book your day rate, you can pay it off in one fell swoop.

When you sign up for a JLC Day Rate, you’re buying my focused time & expertise, not a deliverable. The ideas I’ve listed above are great examples of what I know I can get done in a day. 

I’ll do my very best to give you a realistic idea of what we can tackle in 8 hours before you book your day, and you’ll always receive a solid deliverable & an outline of any next steps. If a project isn’t quite doable in a day, I’ll be honest with ya and recommend extra days or half days as needed. 

The short of it is—I write for women entrepreneurs with online businesses who help other women grow. If you’re a coach, course creator, service provider, or mentor who needs impactful copy + design on a tight timeline, then it’s a good bet that we’ll be two peas in a pod.

You should also consider where you are at in your business. Do you have some solid market research or testimonials for me go through? Do you know exactly who your ideal client is? Day rate experiences are best for entrepreneurs who have a solid understanding of their business and know where they're going. If you're not sure if you're ready for a day rate, you can always send me a DM on Instagram (@jaimieleecreative) or a quick email to

The JLC Day Rate is a VIP experience, so you can expect some delightful goodies to come your way throughout our work together. This includes a thoughtfully handwritten welcome card and my favorite client gift: a donation to a BIPOC- or LGBTQ-led organization in your name. 

You'll also have access to me via Voxer throughout our time together & for two weeks following, so that you can ask alllll the implementation questions you desire & enjoy my stellar gif choices. 😉

There's a secret to great conversion copy + design—room to breathe! I like to give my projects time to percolate so that my clients get the best possible deliverable. Having that breathing room in the week means your copy + design will be in tip-top shape for delivery, and you'll know that your project got all of my best attention, care, and brainpower.

That button whisks you to a new tab & the JLC Day Rate Proposal. You'll be able to fill out the proposal, sign the contract, & pay your invoice in one fell swoop. This locks your day rate on the calendar!

As a copywriter & designer, I’ve done full launch copy + design, branding design, website design + copy, and scores of other projects that make my clients money. If you have a larger-scale project that you want my eyeballs on, shoot me an email at, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

I can’t wait to create the conversion-driven copy or design you need.

Let’s save your valuable time, pour the bubbly & OJ, and cross that project off your to-do list. 

book your day rate