Every freebie, every product, every service. Everything.

I really hate digging around for the link I need.

you, too? Cool. Welcome to the club.

The Everything Page is where you can find an up-to-date list of, well, everything I offer in my business.

So whether you’re looking for a free resource or want to take a peek at the services I offer, you’re in exactly the right place.

If there's anything super timely, you'll find it here.

Magically Customized Onboarding Forms! 🦄

Cosmic Copy Week

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The signature JLC service helps you get your launch ready for takeoff with values-aligned copy that connects, empowers, & converts in just one week.

co-pilot my launch

Have a nearly-there sales page or email sequence for your next launch? Book a Copy Boost to get my eyes on your copy & a rocket-full of strategic recommendations.

Copy Boost

Need a launch copywriter to handle all the copy for your upcoming launch? Contact me for more details about custom copy co-pilot packages.

contact for more

boost my copy

Hand your copy off to an expert with done for you services.

cosmic copy week

copy co-pilot

Workshops & Courses

Learn to collect, analyze, & utilize VOC research so you can better connect with your clients, deeply understand your business, & write high-converting  copy that speaks directly to your customers.

connect with your clients

Learn how to define your values, embody them in your business, & build a custom luxe client experience around them in this 1-hour workshop.

the values-aligned client experience workshop

Writing and designing your own sales page doesn't have to be DIY disaster. Create a sales page that connects, empowers, & converts with Sales Page Success.

diy your sales page

define & align your values

Learn the skills you need to DIY your copy, improve your service-based business, or add voice of customer research to your toolkit.

the voice of customer research workshop

sales page

Oh, by the way—I’m Jaimie!

aka your resident research nerd, 
strategist, & launch co-pilot

I'm a CopyHackers-trained conversion copywriter who has helped dozens of online entrepreneurs communicate all they have to offer. 

Whether you’re needing a compelling sales page, a connection-forming email sequence, or an opt-in page for an upcoming webinar, I’m here to help you vocalize all of your brilliance.  

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Everything Page Idea Credit:

Thanks to Elizabeth Goddard (affiliate link), one of my clients and business friends, for introducing me to the brilliant idea of an Everything Page.